Tuesday, July 22, 2008

Beetle Plays Dead

So Obsidian brought this beetle home that he found with Jeremy. He said it was dead so we set it on the counter. About a half hour later we were eating mac and cheese when I look over to see the resurrected beetle crawling across the floor!! Obsidian's first response was, "We have to get it!! Mom is going to get really mad if she knows we have a beetle in the house!!!" That's because the other day we caught some grasshoppers and tried boiling them alive so we could cover them in chocolate and eat them. They all hopped out, one met its death on the burner and the other three are still unaccounted for. We also left a dead beetle next to the phone. She threatened that if she ever found a live bug crawling in our house that we wouldn't be able to bring them inside anymore, not even in jars.

For one, this bug is a really freaky looking thing. Also, when it's disturbed it lets out this weird hissing noise when it is disturbed. Plus, we thought it was dead so it was pretty exciting to capture this specimen. We went to whatsthatbug.com and found this picture