Sunday, February 8, 2009

New Discovery: Pockets

Ember has discovered pockets. So, now when we go on walks he always keeps his hands in his pockets. It makes walks much more anxiety-inducing because if he falls he is going to eat it. The other day at church he insisted on inching down the stairs feet first because his hands had to stay in his pockets. Again, all I could think was- man I hope he doesn't eat it.

The pocket novelty reached another level when he discovered a front pocket to his overalls.

"What this Ba?" he asked, "A pocket?"

"Yeah!" I replied.

"Oh a POCKET! I put this in my pocket," he stated as he placed a small plastic dinosaur inside.

Now you have to watch out for him. It's not just pockets that can store things of course. There is, for example, his ride-upon airplane. You lift up the seat and there is a secret stowage unit. One day I caught him placing his half-eaten quesadilla inside of it.

"Hey! You can't do that!"

And then I saw that this is a routine he developed days ago. Inside was a brown banana, which had stuck along the walls of his secret compartment stash.

Oh, that reminds me of this crazy stash I found of my own. You can find it here.

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