Tuesday, March 3, 2009

Fly Birdman Fly!

Chris Andersen, AKA Birdman, is by far my favorite player on the Denver Nuggets. He is part bad boy part goofiest person ever. At first Whitney couldn't stand him because he's so dang cocky. However, the fact that he is so awkward makes his hard persona endearing.

On the 8th of April I went to the Nuggets game with Dad, Whitney, Vernon and my friends Duncan and Chad. They beat the Oklahoma City Thunder 122-112. Before leaving, Whitney made me a makeshift Birdman mask. Here it is-

Lucky for me, the Andersen had another huge night- snagging 9 boards and blocking a ridiculous seven shots, more than the rest of the team combined. In fact, Andersen is second in the league behind Dwight Howard for the most blocks per game. This is pretty insane considering the fact that he only plays an average of 20 minutes a night. He averages 5.68 blocks per 48 minutes of play, two more than Howard.

Simply type Birdman into youtube and you will come up with countless tribute remixes to him. You'll also see some nasty blocked shots. Here are two of my favorite- this one he is hit in the stomach as he blocks a shot, then recovers and proceeds to get two more consecutive blocks in the same possesion

Then there is the time he swats Rudy Fernandez in the face. Talk about insult to injury.

and here is the Birdman himself-

The guy has had his share of setbacks in life.

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Olivia Badger said...

Whew, was I ever scared. Planted beets this year. Harvested a few yesterday and fixed and ate them. Today I had the scare of my life sooo....as always I came to the internet. I have ate fresh beets before and this never happen (6 years ago). This was before I had bariatric surgery. Your digestive juices meet up in the intestine now so that is probably why. Thanks but I will keep watching until all has passed.