Thursday, December 21, 2006


Oh man I love blizzards! It has been snowing for two days straight. We have over 25 inches of snow and the city at a standstill. The last two days of school for the semester were cancelled and I took sick day on Tuesday so I only had to go in on Monday.

Yesterday Obsidian and I made a snow fort. At that time the wind was blowing super hard but we didn't really care. By the end of our adventures Obsidian looked like one of those grizzly mountain men who had just summited Mount Everest (see photo).

Obsidian and Ember's eyelashes are sooo long. It's really cute. The snow was clumping onto Obsidian's eyelashes when he was outside.

The nice thing about blizzards is that it makes people slow down in this crazy capitalist world. I met three of my neighbors for the first time, borrowed a snow shovel from one and helped another's stuck car out of the snow. The stranded neighbor gave me 5 bucks for helping him!! I tried turning it away but he insisted. It's nice that there's still some sense of community around here. We should have more blizzards to get to know each other in.

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