Friday, December 1, 2006

the horrors of unschooling

This morning there was a breakfast for staff. I overheard a teacher say in disgust "I read an article in the Post today on something called 'unschooling'. It made me want to vomit! It's some sort of new movement where the kids get to learn whatever they want!" She was livid, as was the other teacher listening to her explain this absurd concept. It's interesting. Why is someone a teacher when the idea of kids following their desires is nauseating?

Typically the more a teacher has a martyr complex, the more they distrust and dislike students. They're the ones that spend the entire lunch hour gossiping about students and their families. It's something I need to start intervening with. The level of disrespect that is demonstrated sometimes is shocking and typically I bear and grin it. Gossiping from teachers about their fellow workmates is rampant as well. It's pretty ridiculous and is a real indicator of the type of environments that sometimes take hold in the school setting. Resolution- I'm going to start sticking up for students and teachers and calling this stuff out.

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